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Moonlake Ritual Co.

Witches Bells

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These witches' bells are made with 6 small bells - and are used in spiritual practices for protection, warding off negativity, and energy detection. They are typically hung near entrances or windows. When moved by air or energy shifts, they ring to cleanse and protect the space.

How to Use:

To use witch's bells effectively, hang them near entrances, windows, or vulnerable points in your home or space with the intention of providing protection and warding off negative energies. Before use, cleanse and charge them by holding them in your hands and visualizing them radiating with positive energy. As you hang them, set your intent through a brief incantation, asking the bells to protect your space. These bells are designed to ring with the slightest movement of air, such as when someone enters, serving as a protective alarm system that also cleanses and purifies the energy. Periodically cleanse and recharge them to maintain their efficacy, and visualize a protective energy field forming around your space with each ring to enhance their protective effect.