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Moonlake Ritual Co.

Starter Altar Kit

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Limited quantity starter altar kits: includes a variety of items to start out your witchy journal and has some essentials for starting your altar setup.

Kit includes the following:

  • Chime Candles
  • Athame
  • Broom
  • White & Black Salt
  • Leather pouch & clear quartz
  • Amethyst Crystal Chip Jar
  • Uplifting Sun Mist


Chime Candles

Used for decorating altar space, in spell work, setting intentions, meditating, divination and more.

White: Purity, clarity, cleansing, healing, truth, unity, protection. Used as an all-purpose candle and can be substituted for any other color in rituals.

Red: Passion, love, strength, courage, energy, vitality, action. Often used for love, lust, and matters requiring a boost of energy.

Pink: Love, romance, friendship, compassion, emotional healing. Used for romantic love or self-love.

Green: Prosperity, abundance, fertility, growth, healing, luck. Are often used in money spells and rituals for success.

Blue: Wisdom, healing, communication, tranquility, protection. Used for spells related to communication, wisdom, and spiritual protection.

Athame - associated with the elements. This double edged ritual dagger is used to direct energy, drawing the sacred circle, and can be used to mark candles with sigils.

Broom - may be used in various ceremonies and rituals, often associated with purification and protection. In some traditions, a broom may be used to sweep a ritual area before a ceremony to symbolically cleanse the space.

Incense - used for dispelling energies, bless the space and carry messages to the divine.

Salt - used in a dish on your altar space to absorb negative energy from the environment creating a clean space to work with or to create a circle on your altar space for protecting against negative energy

Black Salt - also known as witches' salt or ritual salt, is a common tool in various magical and spiritual practices. It is often associated with protection, banishing, and warding off negative energies.

Crystal Jar - Amethyst - use for spell jars to place your items in and place in a window to energize your intentions

Uplifting Sun Mist - Use to energize and uplift your altar space and increase the positive energy. Made by @intuitiveme20

Leather Pouch & Clear Quartz - can serve as sacred containers for storing magical tools, crystals, or other items used in ritual work. Made by hand by Sam Mooonlake from recycled leather.

Smoke Stick - Use smoke for cleansing and protecting your sacred space. Made by @pocketfulofzing 

 There may be slight differences in the items received *example box or crystal on broom may differ from the photos.