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Moonlake Ritual Co.

Monthly Ritual Circles - IN PERSON

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What is a ritual circle?

Group ritual circles are sacred spaces where individuals come together to engage in spiritual practices. Within these circles, participants harness the collective energy and focus to deepen their connection with the divine, support each other's journeys, and amplify the positive energy of the rituals by performing them together.
These circles will be held in person in Sweaburg, ON (5 minutes from Woodstock), group size is limited to 8 people to keep a small intimate group. *exact address given after purchase*

Each ritual evening will be different depending on the themes that are coming up for the month. Example rituals we may perform include:
- Prosperity/abundance
- Communication
- Confidence
- Releasing/Renewal
- New Beginnings
- Psychic Development
& more
May Ritual Theme - Protecting your Energy 
June Ritual Theme - Attracting Fairy Energy 
July Ritual Theme - Psychic Development 

Last Tuesday of the month *except December

Sign up for one, sign up for them all, you can decide which circles you would like to participate in.