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Moonlake Candle Co.


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A classic smell, this candle has a mix of lavendar and sage and is an excellent calming candle. 

Made with the intention of promoting relaxing and bringing calmness into your life. Perfect for all times. 

Paired with Amethyst, Periot and Clear Quartz. 


Each candle is hand poured in Woodstock,ON in small batches made with 100% renewable and sustainable soy wax, phthalate free scents and crystals! Soy wax has a much cleaner burn and lasts longer!

How long you may ask: 

3oz - approx 18 hours (made with cotton wick)
7oz - approx 40 hours (made with wooden or cotton wick) 
Burn times are approximate and vary based on usage. 

This candle produces a medium scent throw.

*The size of the room where you are burning your candle will determine how well the candle produces a scent throw. 

I allow orders even when stock runs out, so please allow for 5-10 days for shipping if I am making a batch special for you <3